Call for papers (Young researchers) / Vigo (Spain), 18th-19th June 2015.

Erasmus+The Spanish Association of Professors of International Law and International Relations (AEPDIRI <>) is the beneficiary of a Jean Monnet project on the pressures experienced by EU law in a globalized world that become apparent in the conflicting trends towards universalism on the one hand and states’ legal fragmentation on the other hand. Overall objective of the project is promoting research on EU policies from the viewpoint of the Association’s research areas-public international law, private international law and international relations – with a view to enhancing EU values beyond its borders.

It is in the framework of this Jean Monnet project that AEPDIRI will organize an international Conference on June 18/19, 2015 in Vigo (Spain) entitled The Extraterritorial Application of EU Law. In order to draw the attention of young researchers to this field of study, the AEPDIRI is pleased to make this call for papers.

While under public international law states cannot exercise their sovereign rights in the territory of another state without the concurrence of its consent, there are some areas of law in which this principle may experience exceptions or modulations. These are areas that show the complexity of this issue both in theory and in practice. Among the possible topics of research the following can be mentioned:

1. Law of Treaties: Despite the general principle of treaties’ being binding on the territory of each contracting party, there are cases where these instruments may have application beyond that scope for various reasons such as containing provisions concerning third States, regulating an area beyond national jurisdiction, or because it isa human rights convention.

2. Compulsory enforcement of International law: In this framework it could fit both claw-back clauses adopted by other countries and sanctions.

3. Competition law and its extraterritorial effect: Reference could be made here to tensions with other jurisdictions such as those arising from extraterritorial application of US antitrust law and the corresponding European reactions, the conduct and effects tests, and so on.

4. Data protection and intellectual property law: Possible topics could be protection of intellectual property on the Internet, telecommunications and broadcasting, Internet communications and sale of private data, the role of state intelligence agencies in monitoring the activities of citizens, duties of carriers with particular reference to the agreement between the United States and the European Union on data registries on names of passengers (PNR), and so on.

5. Environmental Law: marine and air pollution caused by ships, protection of endangered species, illegal fishing, trading systems of emission rights, protecting the environment and tort law.

All those interested in presenting a paper on any of the items listed or other related should send their proposal by April 1, 2015. The proposal must contain, in addition to a title, a 5-line abstract and a 1-2 pages excerpt in word format. Proposals dealing with public international law and international relations issues should be sent to Professor Montserrat Abad Castelos (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and those on private international law issues to Professor Laura Carballo Piñeiro (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). A CV and a letter of recommendation must be attached as well.

Presentations can be made in Spanish or English and the papers will be published in either language in a book. The publishing house will be announced in due time.

The organization will be responsible for the costs of selected candidates’ participation in the Conference, always within the limits of the allocated budget.

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